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Uppsala University - Campus Gotland
Uppsala universitet - Campus Gotland
Type Satellite campus
Established 1998 (1998)
Parent institution
Uppsala University
Students 4,300
Location Visby, Gotland, Sweden
Some parts of the college is situated in old industrial buildings.

Uppsala University - Campus Gotland (Swedish: Uppsala universitet - Campus Gotland) is a campus of Uppsala University and a former university college (högskola) previously known in English as Gotland University located in Visby on the Baltic island of Gotland, Sweden.[1] The school became a part of Uppsala University on 1 July 2013, whence the entity is known.

The university college was originally established in 1998 and had around 4 300 registered students in 2007, many of them part-time and distance students.[2] The main building which used to be an old Whiskey distillery is located in the central part of Visby, between the city marina and the Almedalen park. The Rindi Student Union, which organises the students, has its own building, called Rindi-borgen.

The Gotland Game Conference is held annually in June, where campus students show games, movies, and animations produced in the last year.[citation needed]

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