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Valley of Grésivaudan

The Grésivaudan (sometimes Graisivaudan) is a valley of the French Alps, situated mostly in the Isère. Etymologically, Graisivaudan comes from roots meaning "Grenoble" (Gratianopolis) and "valley".[1] It comprises the alluvial plain of the river Isère from Grenoble to the confluence of the Arc; or, more recently, the entire valley of the Isère from Tullins to Albertville. The stretch from Tullins to Grenoble is the Bas-Grésivaudan (Lower Grésivaudan) and that between Grenoble and Albertville is the Haut-Grésivaudan (Upper Grésivaudan).

Valley of Grésivaudan seen from the 7 Laux ski resort


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Coordinates: 45°19′00″N 5°57′00″E / 45.3167°N 5.95°E / 45.3167; 5.95