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grOnk, or GRoNK, was a seminal Canadian literary magazine begun in 1967 by bpNichol, David Alyward, Rah Smith, and David UU (David W. Harris). An offshoot Ganglia Press (founded in Toronto, Ontario, in 1965 by bpNichol and David Aylward), grOnk was a monthly publication focusing on concrete poetry and "the language revolution" underway in Canada at the time, principally in Toronto and Vancouver.

One of Canada's longest running early little magazines, grOnk ran for well over 100 issues in a wide variety of formats, first mimeographed and later photocopied. David UU (David W. Harris) was co-editor for the first series (8 issues, 1967), and editor of most of the 7th series (5 of 8 issues, 1971).

grOnk ended in 1988 with the death of bpNichol, although some numbers were reissued by jwcurry's Room 302 Books.

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