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Grace Baptist is a name used by various churches and associations, in different parts of the world, who would align with Reformed Baptists, who hold to Calvinistic doctrine, but would consider themselves distinct in their own right. This distinguishes them from General Baptists who instead hold to an Arminian theology.


United Kingdom[edit]

Grace Baptist churches in the UK have mainly derived from the Strict Baptists or Strict and Particular Baptists.[1] The Strict Baptist Assembly, established in 1964, held to beliefs outlined in the Baptist Affirmation of Faith 1966. The Assembly of Baptist Churches was established in 1976 and held to the Calvinistic doctrine of Sovereign Grace. Through discussions between the Strict Baptist Assembly and the Assembly of Baptist Churches came a conviction and desire to establish a single Assembly which in 1980 this gave rise to the joint Grace Baptist Assembly.[2]

Alongside the establishment of the Assemblies was the establishment of Associations of Strict Baptist Churches of which there were three.[1] These continue today under the updated titles of Associations of Grace Baptist Churches, listed below.

USA & Canada[edit]

Some Churches in the USA and Canada adopt association with Grace Baptists in the United Kingdom. They do not share the historical developments which lead to Sovereign Grace Baptists.


United Kingdom


Notable churches which are members of Grace Baptist associations, or are known as Grace Baptist, include:

United Kingdom
United States


Notable schools named "Grace Baptist" include:

United States

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