Grace Bashara Greene

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Grace Bashara Greene
Born1928 (1928)
Died2004 (aged 75–76)
Known for

Grace Bashara Greene (1928 – 2004) was an American visionary artist noted for her assemblage work and for the visionary environment she created in her house, which was featured in the documentary film Eyeopeners.[1]


Greene collected items that eventually filled her house completely, eventually becoming an installation that was first put on display in 1993.[2]

Collections and exhibits[edit]

Grace Bashara Greene's piece The Button Lady and a shawl, originally made for her daughter Lizzie, hand-sewn from hundreds of pieces of antique lace and further decorated with beads, ribbons and other trinkets, are held by the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland.[3] These works were featured in the 2005 AVAM exhibit IOCD: Obsessive-Compulsive Delight.[4]


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