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Graeme Johnstone was the state coroner of Victoria, Australia from 1994-2007. He retired on 29 November 2007, and was replaced by Judge Jennifer Coate. He is noted for often personally visiting the scenes of deaths that fall within his jurisdiction.

Early life[edit]

Graeme Douglas Johnstone (17 May 1945 - 16 November 2012) was educated at Geelong College and Monash University, where he obtained a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Jurisprudence.[1]


Coronial appointment[edit]

He has held inquests into many famous deaths. In 2005, he conducted a coronial inquest into the death of Prime Minister Harold Holt and found that he had accidentally drowned in the ocean near Portsea. This disappointed advocates of conspiracy theories, such as the hypothesis that he was kidnapped by a Russian submarine[citation needed]. He has also held a long-running series of inquests into the death of Jaidyn Leskie.[2]


Upon his retirement, Victorian Attorney-General Rob Hulls praised Johnstone for his outstanding commitment to investigating deaths in custody. Johnstone will be coming out of retirement in February 2008 for the conclusion of the inquest into the disappearance and death of Louise and Charmian Faulkner who went missing in 1980.


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