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Graeme Sims (born 1937) is a dog trainer.[1][2] Sims developed his own system of dog whispering in 1986. During the next ten years he worked as a sheepdog demonstrator at two theme parks in Devon ("The Big Sheep" and "The Milky Way"). He managed The North Devon Sheepdog Breeding and Training Centre for five years. He is the only sheepdog handler to work up to nine dogs simultaneously under testing arena conditions. His work at country fairs[which?] in Britain involved working large groups of Border Collies, each in a different language, in precise movements.[citation needed]

He works in Italy doing seminars on dog training using his system of dog whispering, which Sims believes treats the dog as an intelligent partner rather than as a creature needing domination.

Books published[edit]

  • The Dog Whisperer: How to Train Your Dog Using Its Own Language, 2009, (Headline), ISBN 978-0-7553-1698-4
  • Give a Dog a Home: How to Make Your Rescue Dog a Happy Dog, 2010, (Headline), ISBN 978-0-7553-1704-2
  • "L'uomo che sussurra ai cani " (DeAgostini ) ISBN 978-88-418-5851-6
  • "Portami con te" (Sperling & Kupfer) ISBN 978-88-200-4803-7
  • "Una meravigliosa vita da cani" (Sperling & Kupfer) ISBN 978-88-200-5049-8


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