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Graham Ward is a drummer, sound engineer, and sound designer. Most of his session recordings were made in the 2000s. He has played with Paul McCartney, Elaine Paige, Paul Young, The Pussycat Dolls, Tom Jones[1] , Murray Head, and Nick Heyward.[2] He has also been involved with a wide range of productions including Festivals, Receiving house theatres, school productions, amateur dramatics, youth band nights, theatre crew, sight marshalling and more. His main focus of knowledge lies within live sound technology, though he does have knowledge within video (analogue and digital), flying and rigging, lighting and power.[3]


Graham Ward started his recording career in 1975 with Strange Days, playing guitar and singing backing vocals on their album "Nine Parts to the Wind", but that was his last known recording until 1983, on which he played drums on the album "Stages" by Elaine Paige, he would later perform on three other albums with her, and in 1986, he performed on former Beatle, Paul McCartney's "Press to Play". He also performed on the album "Other Voices" by Paul Young, and he also performed on "Doll Domination" by The Pussycat Dolls.[2][4]


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