Río Grande de Matagalpa

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Río grande de Matagalpa
Country Nicaragua
Basin features
Main source Selva Negra, Matagalpa
River mouth South Caribbean Autonomous Region
Physical characteristics
Length 267 mi (430 km)

Río Grande de Matagalpa (Spanish pronunciation: [mataˈɣalpa], Awaltara in Miskito) is a river of Nicaragua. Running 430 kilometers (270 mi) from its source near Matagalpa to the Caribbean Sea in the northern part of the South Caribbean Autonomous Region it is the second longest river in Nicaragua. It gives it name to the city and municipality of La Cruz de Río Grande. The Tumarín Dam is being constructed on its lower reaches.


Britannica: Rio grande de Matagalpa

Coordinates: 12°54′N 83°32′W / 12.900°N 83.533°W / 12.900; -83.533