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The choir stall
Silver double seal of Joanna Plantagenet dating from 1196–99, found at Grandselve Abbey and now kept in the British Museum. [1][2]

Grandselve Abbey (French: Abbaye de Notre-Dame de Grandselve) was a Cistercian monastery in south-west France, at Bouillac, Tarn-et-Garonne. It was one of the most important Cistercian abbeys in the south of France.

Initially, in 1114, it was a Benedictine foundation set up by Gerald of Sales. It joined the Cistercian movement as a daughter house of Clairvaux Abbey in 1144 or 1145.[3][4]

The abbey was suppressed during the French Revolution.


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Coordinates: 43°51′22″N 1°08′17″E / 43.856°N 1.138°E / 43.856; 1.138