Grane (river)

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Location Goslar, Lower Saxony,  Germany
Physical characteristics
Main source near Hahnenklee in the Upper Harz
ca. 540 m above sea level (NN)
River mouth near Langelsheim into the Innerste
197 m above sea level (NN)
51°56′18″N 10°20′42″E / 51.93824°N 10.34498°E / 51.93824; 10.34498
Length 12 km
Basin features
Progression Innerste → Leine → Aller → Weser → North Sea
River system Weser
Basin size 27 km² (22 km² to the reservoir)
  • Left:

The Grane is a right tributary of the Innerste river near Goslar.

It rises in the vicinity of Hahnenklee in the Upper Harz and discharges about 12 km later into the Innerste near Langelsheim . At Herzog Juliushütte, in the municipality of Astfeld near Goslar, it is controlled by the Grane Dam.