Grant Glacier

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Grant Glacier
Grant Glacier 1998.jpg
Grant Glacier as seen in 1998
Map showing the location of Grant Glacier
Map showing the location of Grant Glacier
Grant Glacier
Location in Montana
Type Cirque glacier
Location Flathead County, Montana, U.S.
Coordinates 48°19′24″N 113°45′06″W / 48.32333°N 113.75167°W / 48.32333; -113.75167Coordinates: 48°19′24″N 113°45′06″W / 48.32333°N 113.75167°W / 48.32333; -113.75167[1]
Area 83 acres (34 ha) (in 1995)
Length .25 mi (0.40 km)
Terminus Barren rock
Status Retreating

Grant Glacier is located in the US state of Montana in Flathead National Forest. The glacier is situated in a cirque and lies below the east slopes of Mount Grant (8,590 feet (2,620 m)).[2] Grant Glacier is 1 mile (1.6 km) southeast of Stanton Glacier and both 5 miles (8.0 km) west of Glacier National Park (U.S.). Images taken of the glacier in 1902 and from the same vantage point in 1998 indicate that the glacier retreated substantially during the 20th Century.[3]

Comparing the image at right taken in 1998, with this image taken in 1902, substantial retreat of Grant Glacier over the course of the 20th Century is apparent

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