Grasshopper (EP)

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Ride - Grasshopper EP.jpg
EP by Ride
Released 10 November 1992
Genre Shoegazing
Length 38:33
Label Warner Music Group
Ride chronology
Going Blank Again
Carnival of Light

Grasshopper is an EP by British rock band Ride, released in November 1992.

It is compilation of two singles for the Japanese market. Tracks 1-3 are from the Leave Them All Behind single. Tracks 4-7 are from the Twisterella single.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Leave Them All Behind"
  2. "Chrome Waves"
  3. "Grasshopper"
  4. "Twisterella"
  5. "Going Blank Again"
  6. "Howard Hughes"
  7. "Stampede"


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