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The Grays Harbor Ports were a minor league baseball team that played in the 1976 Northwest League, representing Hoquiam, Washington and Aberdeen, Washington.

Owned and managed by the Stockton Ports' former owner and manager Carl W. Thompson, Sr., the team had a record of 26-46, at that time the worst in the league. Season attendance at Hoquiam's Olympic Stadium was fourth in the seven-team Northwest League at 28,842. The Ports' All-Star pitcher Barry Biggerstaff (9-7, 3.44) led the league in almost every counting category with 17 starts, 15 complete games, 3 shutouts (having tied for the lead), 144 innings, 138 hits, 77 runs, 55 earned runs and 123 strikeouts. While playing for the Ports, Biggerstaff was only one behind the lead in wins and two behind the league leader in losses.[1]

After Thompson sold the team in 1977, the Ports became the Grays Harbor Loggers. In 1978 the team took on famed actor Bill Murray for a successful marketing stunt. During the summer of 1978 Murray joined the Loggers for one day. The cast of Saturday Night Live was asked to find something they've always wanted to do and for Murray it was to play professional baseball. Murray joined the independent team in Hoquiam, WA where he knocked in a couple of runs (going 1 for 2, with a single) during his one day stint. Two years later, the team changed their name to the Grays Harbor Mets and in 1980 were once again the Grays Harbor Loggers for the team's final two seasons.