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Grayson Mallet-Prevost Murphy in 1918

Grayson Mallet-Prevost Murphy, Sr. (1878 – October 18, 1937) was an American private banker and a director of Anaconda Copper Mining Company, Guaranty Trust Company, New York Trust Company, Bethlehem Steel, Goodyear Tire & Rubber, New York Railways, Fifth Avenue Coach Co., and Chicago Motor Coach Co. Mr. Murphy was very active in the Association Against the Prohibition Amendment and voiced his opposition to the 18th Amendment at a Congressional hearing. His efforts contributed to the repeal of prohibition in the United States. He was the first European Commissioner of the American Red Cross during World War I. Murphy was also implicated in the 1935 'Business Plot' exposed by General Smedley Butler.


He was born in 1878 and attended Haverford College and was a volunteer in the Spanish–American War. He also attended the United States Military Academy and was a lieutenant in the Philippine–American War. At various other times he was a Senior Vice-President of Guaranty Trust Company, Chief Commissioner of the American Red Cross in Europe, and Lieutenant-Colonel in charge of operations, 42nd Division. He was also Founder and Head of G.M.-P. Murphy & Co., Treasurer of the American Liberty League and a recipient of the Army Distinguished Service Medal, as authorized by Congress on July 9, 1918.[1]

He died on October 18, 1937 in Manhattan, New York City.[2] His funeral was held at St. James Protestant Episcopal Church at Seventy-first Street and Madison Avenue in Manhattan.[3]


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