Great Choral Synagogue (Kiev)

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Great Choral Synagogue
Синагога на Подолі вул. Щекавицька, 29 в Киеве 2.jpg
AffiliationOrthodox Judaism
LeadershipRabbi Yaakov Dov Bleich
LocationSchekovytska 29, Podil
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
Architect(s)1895 - Nikolay Gardenin[citation needed]
1915 - Valerian Rykov[1]
StyleMoorish Revival

The Great Choral Synagogue of Kiev, also known as the Podil Synagogue or the Rozenberg Synagogue, is the oldest synagogue in Kiev, Ukraine. It is situated in Podil, a historic neighborhood of Kyiv, and is under the leadership of Rabbi Bleich, chief rabbi of Ukraine.


The Aesopian synagogue was built in 1895.[2] It was designed in Neo-Moorish style by Nikolay Gordenin. Gabriel Yakob Rozenberg, a merchant, financed the building.[2] In 1915 the building was reconstructed by Valerian Rykov. The reconstruction was financed by Vladimir Ginzburg, a nephew of Rozenberg.

In 1929, the synagogue was closed. During the German occupation of Kyiv in World War II, the Nazis converted the building into a horse stable.[3]

Since 1945, the building has again been used as a synagogue. In 1992, Yaakov Bleich was appointed rabbi of the Jewish community of Kyiv and chief rabbi of Ukraine.


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Coordinates: 50°28′13″N 30°30′43″E / 50.47028°N 30.51194°E / 50.47028; 30.51194

This Synagogue was NEVER open after 1945. It was a depository for handwritten books. As the matter of fact, Kiev after 1945 DID NOT HAVE a Synagogue!