Great Mixes

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Remix album by Supergroove
Released 1994
Genre Rock
Funk rock
Label RCA Records
Supergroove chronology
Traction GreatMixes
Tractor (EP)

GreatMixes is a remix album released by Supergroove in 1994 to capitalise on the band's success generated by their hit album Traction and the large following they had attracted worldwide from their live performances.

Whilst only a stopgap release, it was remixed by the New Zealand hip hop artist DLT. Following Great Mixes, DLT released a very successful album, The Tru School, containing a New Zealand number 1 single, "Chains", featuring Che Fu, who was returning the favour for the work done on Great Mixes (this single is seen[by whom?] as one of the catalysts that led to Fu leaving the band before the recording of Backspacer).

Track listing[edit]

  1. Platinum Blondes
  2. Bloody Shame
  3. Screwdriver
  4. Hoopla
  5. Depth Bomb
  6. Platinum Blonde (Instrumental)
  7. Screwdriver (Instrumental)


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