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The Great Sound is a body of water shaped by the islands of Bermuda. It dominates the southwest of the island chain, and forms a natural harbour. It is surrounded on all sides by the islands, except for the northeast, where it is open to the Atlantic Ocean.

To the south, two small peninsulas jut into the sound separating it from the smaller Little Sound. In the east, the great Sound narrows to form Hamilton Harbour. Bermuda's capital, Hamilton, sits against the northern shore of this harbour.

Numerous islands lie within the Great Sound, most of them in the southeastern part of it. These include Darrell's Island, Hawkins Island, Long Island, Marshall's Island, Hinson's Island and Watling Island.

Coordinates: 32°17′15″N 64°50′13″W / 32.28750°N 64.83694°W / 32.28750; -64.83694