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The Greater Victoria Harbour Authority (GVHA) is a not-for-profit corporation operating in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. It was created in 2002 to own and operate several marine and upland properties in Victoria Harbour on their divestiture from the Government of Canada.[1]

GVHA owns and operates the Ogden Point deep-sea terminal, which is visited by more than 200 cruise ships with totaling over 600,000 passengers ships each summer.[2] The authority also operates Fisherman’s Wharf, several marinas,[3] the Lower Causeway[4] and Ship Point luxury yacht facility in Victoria’s Inner Harbour. In 2013, the GVHA took over operation of the Inner Harbour Airport as well.[5][6]

The GVHA also operates a system of shuttle buses and occasionally marine launches to transport visitors around the Victoria coastal area.[7]

The Authority serves several purposes. As well as efficient administration of divested former federal properties, it provides an opportunity for First Nations to have a say and to participate in the harbour economy.[8]

The GVHA also promotes sustainable environmental practices on water and foreshore.[8] In 2011, the authority joined Green Marine, an organization which promotes environmental awareness in the shipping industry.[9]

The harbour authority was represents the interests of several municipalities, organizations and First Nations.[10] Member agencies of the harbour authority board are:

  • City of Victoria
  • Township of Esquimalt
  • Capital Regional District
  • Esquimalt Nation
  • Songhees Nation
  • Tourism Victoria
  • Provincial Capital Commission
  • Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce
  • Victoria/Esquimalt Harbour Society[11]

In 2012, the Authority released a study showing that the cruise industry adds $49 million directly to the Victoria port area economy, as well as creating over 300 jobs.[12]


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