Greek legislative election, 1868

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Greek legislative election, 1868
Kingdom of Greece
← 1865 21 March 1868 1869 →

All 184 seats to the Chamber of Deputies
  Alèxandros Koumoundoùros.jpg Deligiorgis 2.jpg
Leader Alexandros Koumoundouros Epameinondas Deligeorgis
Leader's seat Kalamata Tripoli
Seats won 114 70

Prime Minister before election

Dimitrios Voulgaris

Subsequent Prime Minister

Dimitrios Voulgaris

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Parliamentary elections were held in Greece on 21 March 1868.[1] Supporters of Alexandros Koumoundouros and Dimitrios Voulgaris won a majority of the 184 seats.[2] Voulgaris remained Prime Minister, having assumed office on 6 February.[3]


Party Votes % Seats
Supporters of Koumoundouros and Voulgaris 114
Supporters of Epameinondas Deligiorgis 70
Total 184
Source: Nohlen & Stöver


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