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Green Onion (Hebrew: בצל ירוק, Batzal Yarok) was a theatre and entertainment troupe, founded in 1957 by The Nahal Band graduates. Until its disbandment in 1961, the group made five shows.


  • Shmor Al HaGvul (Guard the Border) - This show was produced by the founders of the band, before their exemption from the Nahal.
  • 1957: Kvisat HaRash (The Poor Man's Laundry) - A pun with the Hebrew words Kvisa (Laundry) and Kivsa (Sheep), which relates to the biblical parable invented by Nathan the Prophet about the story between David and Bathsheba.
  • 1958: Hop Avarnu (Hop! We Moved)
  • 1959: Af Mila LeMorgenstein (No Word to Morgenstein) - The show was used as a base to a movie with the same name, that was filmed in 1963.
  • 1959: Ve... Shalosh Nekudot! (And... Three Points!)
  • 1960: Chatul BaSak (Cat in the Sack).

Band members[edit]

In various times the members were: