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Green PR is a sub-field of public relations that communicates an organization's corporate social responsibility or environmentally friendly practices to the public. The goal is to produce increased brand awareness and improve the organization's reputation. Tactics include placing news articles, winning awards, communicating with environmental groups and distributing publications.

The term is derived from the "green movement", an ideology which seeks to minimize the effect of human activity on the environment.


Environmentalism has become increasingly popular among consumers and media. A nine-country survey found 85% of consumers around the world are willing to change their consumption habits to make tomorrow’s world a better place, and over half (55%) would help a brand “promote” a product if a good cause were behind it. The study also found when choosing between two brands of same quality and price, social purpose affected consumers’ decision the most (41%), ahead of design and innovation (32%) and the loyalty to the brand (26%).[1]

According to PR Week:

The significance of corporate America embracing the green movement cannot be denied. Some still think it's a fad, but all signs point to the contrary - a sustained commitment to sustainability, either for economic efficiencies or reach out to a public whose goals and values are changing.[2]

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