Greenland national handball team

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Nickname Team Grønland
Association Greenland Handball Federation
Coach Ingi Olsen
Most caps Rasmus Larsen
Most goals Jakob Larsen
Team colours
Kit body adidaslibero.png
Team colours
Team colours
Team colours
Team colours
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Team colours
Team colours
Team colours
World Championship
Appearances 3 (First in 2001)
Best result 20th (2001)
Pan-American Championship
Appearances 10 (First in 1998)
Best result 3rd (2002 and 2006)
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The Greenland national handball team is the national handball team of Greenland and is controlled by the Greenland Handball Federation.

Tournament record[edit]

World Championship[edit]

Year Position
1938 to 1997 Did not participate
Egypt 1999 Did not qualify
France 2001 20th place
Portugal 2003 24th place
Tunisia 2005 Did not qualify
Germany 2007 22nd place
Croatia 2009 Did not qualify
2011 to 2017 Did not qualify

Pan American Championship[edit]

Player statistics[edit]

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