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This article is about the type of dog. For the bird of prey, see Griffon vulture. For the mythological creature, see Griffin. For other uses, see Griffon (disambiguation).

Griffon is a type of dog, a collection of breeds of originally hunting dogs. There are three lines of the griffon type recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI): the griffon vendéens, the wirehaired pointers, and the smousje (Belgian companion dogs or Dutch Smoushond). The griffon type is characterized by rough or wire-hair.

The griffon is mentioned as early as Xenophon.[1] The hounds, Canis Segusius, used by the Gauls were griffons.[2] Among the oldest breeds are the Italian Wire-haired Pointing Dog or Spinone Italiano (FCI #165) and the breeds bred by Eduard Karel Korthals originating in the Low Countries (Belgium, Netherlands, northern France) which have a short, bearded muzzle. The smousje, a small dog mentioned since the Middle Ages in the Low Countries known for its firm, even temperament and rough coat, was the initial breeding stock for the Griffon Bruxellois.[3][4]

Griffon breeds[edit]


Scenthounds (FCI Group 6, Section 1)


Pointers (FCI Group 7, Section 1)

Companion/Toy Dogs[edit]

Small Belgian Companion Dogs, "Smousje" (FCI Group 9, Section 3)


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