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Grismer Tire Company
Industry Automotive Repair, Tire Sales
Founded 1932 (Dayton, Ohio)
Headquarters Dayton, Ohio
Key people
Charles Marshall, John Marshall, Rusty Marshall, Jerry McCormick

The Grismer Tire Company is a medium-sized automotive repair company. It has six locations in the Columbus, Ohio area, one just north of Cincinnati, Ohio in Fairfield, and the remaining 19 in Dayton.[1] Grismer Tire has been selling Firestone tires since its founding in 1932.[2] It is currently the main dealer of Nokian Tires in the Greater Dayton Area.[3]


The Grismer Tire Company was founded by Charles Marshall during the Great Depression in 1932. Marshall was a salesman for Firestone and was interested in forming his own tire sales company. He persuaded a local banker from Indiana to loan him $13,000 in order to buy a small tire business in Dayton, Ohio from a man named Adam Grismer. Later, Marshall was able to convince Firestone to let him pay for the tires after he sold him - during a time when most transactions were cash only.[2]


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