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A Grito or Grito Mexicano (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈɡɾito], Spanish: Shout) is a common Mexican interjection, used as an expression.


This interjection is similar to the yahoo or yeehaw of the American cowboy during a hoedown, with added ululation trills and onomatopoeia closer to "aaah" or "aaaayyyyeeee", that resemble a laugh while performing it.

The first sound is typically held as long as possible, leaving enough breath for a trailing set of trills.


The Grito is sometimes used as part of the official remembrance of the Shout of Dolores, during the celebration of Mexican Independence Day.[1]

Grito Mexicano has patriotic connotations.

It is commonly done immediately prior to the popular Mexican war cry: "¡Viva Mexico, Señores!" (Long live Mexico!, Gentlemen!).


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