Große Teufelsmühle

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Große Teufelsmühle

The Große Teufelsmühle is a natural monument on the Viktorshöhe near Friedrichsbrunn in the Harz Mountains of central Germany. The name means "Great Devil's Mill". It is a tor, a granite rock formation that displays typical spheroidal or "mattress" weathering. The Große Teufelsmühle is a protected monument. Next to it is a checkpoint (no. 189) in the Harzer Wandernadel hiking system. In the vicinity is another rock formation, the Kleine Teufelsmühle.

The shape of the rocks has led to a legend that links it with the ruins of a mill occupied by the devil.

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Coordinates: 51°41′05.4″N 11°04′46.3″E / 51.684833°N 11.079528°E / 51.684833; 11.079528