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Grockit, Inc.
Educational Technology
Industry Education, Internet
Founded 2006
Defunct 2016
Headquarters San Francisco, CA, USA
Key people
Rochelle Rothstein: CEO.

Grockit was an online social learning game company. Grockit prepared students for the SAT, ACT, GMAT, LSAT and GRE standardized exams.[1] Students took practice tests while collaborating online with other users.[2] Grockit was founded in 2006 by Farbood Nivi,[3] and in 2013 was acquired by Kaplan, Inc..[4] As of September 2016, the company ceased stand-alone operations.[5]


Grockit was a live online multiplayer game providing test prep.[6] It offered interactive play with other people studying for the same test.[7] It worked to integrate elements of artificial intelligence with its services to adapt to students' unique needs.[8] Grockit believed that people learn better through peer-to-peer situations instead of teacher-to-student.[9]

Grockit was a play on the word Grok which means to understand something intuitively or by empathy.


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