Groot River (Eastern Cape)

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This article is about the tributary of the Gamtoos River. For other rivers, see Groot River.
Groot River
Name origin: From Grootrivier, meaning "big river" in the Afrikaans language
Country South Africa
State Eastern Cape
Source _
Source confluence Kariega and Sout confluence
Mouth Gamtoos River
 - location Confluence with Kouga River
 - elevation 90 m (295 ft)
 - coordinates 33°44′45″S 24°36′55″E / 33.74583°S 24.61528°E / -33.74583; 24.61528Coordinates: 33°44′45″S 24°36′55″E / 33.74583°S 24.61528°E / -33.74583; 24.61528
Location of the Groot River mouth
Wikimedia Commons: Groot River

The Groot River is a river in the southern area of the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. It is a right hand tributary of the Gamtoos River.[1] This river passes through Steytlerville.


The Groot River originates at a point where the Kariega River and the Sout River meet, although they enter the Beervlei Dam as the Sout River. Beyond the dam, the river becomes the Groot River, running southeast. Near the town of Steytlerville it turns slightly southwards before heading eastward again, lastly bending southwards before it joins the Kouga River to form the Gamtoos at the confluence.[2]

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