Groovy Rednecks

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Groovy Rednecks
Origin Los Angeles California, United States
Genres Alternative country
Years active 1991–present
Members Tex Troester
Bob Ricketts
Steve Seifert
Gary Riley
Past members Hermann Senac / Jim Doyle / Chris Kirshbaum ( drums ) Mike Wilcox ( guitar ) Ron Botelho / Grandpa Pete Deyoung ( bass )

The Groovy Rednecks are an alt-country band from Los Angeles, California, who refer to themselves as being a "country band for people who hate country" and a "Drinkin' Band". The Rednecks consist of vocalist/lyricist Tex Troester, guitarist Bob Ricketts, bassist Steve Seifert, and guitarist Gary Riley.

Since forming in 1991, the Rednecks have played over 884 shows.


  • Tex Troester – Vocals (founder)
  • Bob Ricketts – Guitar
  • Steve Seifert - Bass
  • Gary Riley – Guitar / mandolin


  • 1997: Buzzed
  • 1999: Wishful Drinking
  • 2003: Ass Grabbin’ Country
  • 2006: Loud Mouth Drunks
  • 2013: Tawdry Tales