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Groruddalen seen from Kolsås

The Grorud Valley (in Norwegian: "Groruddalen") is a broad valley in eastern Oslo. Four of Oslo's boroughs, Bjerke in the west, Alna in the south, Grorud in the north, and Stovner in the east, lie within the valley.

The population of the valley is around 165,000 (more than a quarter of the total population of Oslo), while there are about 60,000 people employed there. The main population centers are on the valley sides, close to the forest of Lillomarka and Østmarka. The valley basin has fewer houses but a fair amount of industry. Thanks to large scale urbanization throughout the valley in the 1960s and 1970s, the population increased by almost 70% between 1960 and 1990. Generally the neighborhoods are well maintained and there are recreational facilities and open spaces in the valley.

Groruddalen is served by several motorways and rail lines running along the valley. In the south of the valley is the European route E6 highway and the subway line Furusetbanen. The central valley is served by Norwegian route 163 (Østre Aker vei) as well as the national rail line Hovedbanen. The north side is served by Norwegian route 4 (Trondheimsveien) and the subway line Grorudbanen. There are also roads and bus lines which run across the valley, but the cross-valley communications are often considered inadequate.

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Alnabru, an industrial area of the Grorud Valley

Coordinates: 59°57′N 10°54′E / 59.950°N 10.900°E / 59.950; 10.900