Grotta del Cavallone

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Grotta del Cavallone
(Cavallone Cave)
Grotta della Figlia di Jorio[1]
Grotte del Cavallone 08 (RaBoe).jpg
Stalactites in Cavallone Cave
Map showing the location of Grotta del Cavallone  (Cavallone Cave)
Map showing the location of Grotta del Cavallone  (Cavallone Cave)
Location of the caves in Italy
Location Italy Lama dei Peligni and Taranta Peligna
(CH, Abruzzo, Italy)
Coordinates 42°02′20″N 14°09′17″E / 42.03889°N 14.15472°E / 42.03889; 14.15472Coordinates: 42°02′20″N 14°09′17″E / 42.03889°N 14.15472°E / 42.03889; 14.15472
Elevation 1,300 m
Discovery 1704
Geology Karst cave
Entrances 1
Access Public
Show cave length 1,000 m
Website Official website

The Grotta del Cavallone, also known as the Grotta della Figlia di Jorio, is a cave located near Lama dei Peligni, in the province of Chieti, Abruzzo, Italy. It is open during the warmer months; an admission fee is charged.


The cave lies within the mountains of the Majella National Park, and is accessed via cable car. The cave is 10–20 meters wide and nearly the same height throughout, with numerous speleothems including stalagmites, flowstone, and rimstone pools. It has electric lighting with rough paths, concrete steps, and iron bridges.

Gabriele D'Annunzio employed the cave in the first act of his tragedy "La figlia di Iorio".


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  1. ^ i.e. "Jorio daughter's cave"

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