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The Group Against Liquor Advertising (GALA) was a non-profit group in New Zealand who believed that advertising alcohol leads to increased consumption (as compared to changing brand loyalties). It was not a prohibitionist group.[1]

The group was established in the 1990s in response to a government decision in 1992 to permit alcohol brand advertising under a self-regulatory body. The group disbanded in 2012. Many members then moved their support to the Alcohol Action organisation.[2]

The chair of GALA for many years starting 1992 was Viola Palmer, a general practitioner.[3] The Complaints Secretary for a time was Cliff Turner.[4]

The group made many complaints to the Broadcasting Standards Authority and the Advertising Standards Complaints Board, and while many failed, some were successful.[5] One success was the withdrawal of a television advertisement for Lion beer in 1997 after it complained to the Advertising Standards Complaint Board.[6] In 1999 a successful complaint against Television New Zealand resulted in the company being required to pay costs by the Broadcasting Standards Authority.[4] In 2000 the Advertising Standards Complaints Board upheld a complaint by GALA, represented by Turner, about a pub promotion involving schoolboys; Turner had his first complaint upheld 23 years previously.[7]


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