Groupe de Barbezieux

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The Groupe de Barbezieux (Barbezieux Group) were French writers from three Charentais families, Fauconnier, Boutelleau and Delamain, who were childhood friends in the town of Barbezieux, in the Charente département, France.[1] Although the école de Barbezieux (school of Barbezieux) is often mentioned, they did not necessarily share the same outlook.

Fauconnier family :

Boutelleau :

  • Germaine Boutelleau (1876-1956), married Jacques Delamain,
  • Jacques Boutelleau (1884-1968), later took the name Jacques Chardonne.

Delamain :

One could add :

  • François Fontaine, son-in-law of Henri Fauconnier.


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