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Gruban Malić is a fictional character and the anti-hero in Miodrag Bulatović's novel Heroj na magarcu ili Vreme srama (Hero on a Donkey).[1][2] Scholar Vasa D. Mihailovic has described the character as a "tragicomical anti-hero" and is "a combination of Don Quixote and Soldier Schweik, without the sad resignation of the former and the wisecracking of the latter."[3]

Malić received media attention due to a 1995 hoax that began with Yugoslavian war correspondent Nebojša Jevrić began telling an American journalist about a war criminal by the name of Gruban Malić, who had committed the most rapes while serving as a guard at the Omarska camp.[1][2][4][5] The story of Malić spread and culminated in Judge Richard Goldstone and the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia including the character on a list of Serbian war criminals.[4] After the list was made public the hoax was quickly detected but the charges against the character were not dropped until 1998. Jevrić later published a book about the hoax, Hero on a Donkey Goes to The Hague.[4]


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