Gryffe Reservoir

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Gryffe Reservoirs
Location Inverclyde, Scotland, UK
Coordinates 55°54′28″N 4°44′48″W / 55.90772°N 4.74677°W / 55.90772; -4.74677Coordinates: 55°54′28″N 4°44′48″W / 55.90772°N 4.74677°W / 55.90772; -4.74677
Type reservoir
Primary outflows Gryffe Water
Basin countries United Kingdom

The Gryffe Reservoirs (also 'Gryfe', see name of the River Gryfe) are two reservoirs, known as Gryffe No. 1 and Gryffe No. 2, located in Inverclyde in the west central Lowlands of Scotland.

The larger reservoir, Gryffe No. 1, is adjacent to Loch Thom with Gryffe No. 2 connecting immediately to the east. Together, they are occasionally known as Loch Gryffe.[1]

The reservoirs are fed from a stream rising on Creuch Hill. Their outflow, the Gryffe Water, joins with the Green Water to form the River Gryffe near Kilmacolm.


The reservoirs were completed in 1872 to provide clean drinking water to Greenock. The construction was authorised by an Act of Parliament in 1866 following the typhus epidemic of 1864, related to a continuing problem with unsafe water, which resulted in thousands of deaths in the town.[2]

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