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Grzegorz Karnas born in 1972, Wodzisław Śląski, Upper Silesia, Poland, is a Polish jazz vocalist.


Karnas finished one year of classical guitar at the Szafrankowie Brothers State School of Music in Rybnik. He is a graduate of the Jazz Institute of the University of Music in Katowice, considered prestigious in Poland.

Karnas has worked with top-line younger artists of Poland's jazz scene as well as its legends. In 1998, he was awarded first prize at the International Jazz Vocalists' Meeting in Zamość (Poland).

The following year, his debut album "Reinkarnasja" (Nottwo 2000) was released and put Karnas on the road touring throughout the main clubs and festivals in Poland and Slovakia.

Summer of 2004 saw the premiere of Grzegorz Karnas' self-produced solo project "Sny-Dreams of a Ninth Floor" (DeBies 2004) promotion of which took place with a series of club and festival concerts in Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Romania and many others. His "Dreams" featured on "The Best of Polish Jazz 2005".[1]

A new album “Ballads for the End of the World” featuring a Silesian cello player Adam Oleś was released in April 2006. Promotions of both projects continued in 2007.

In 2006 Karnas was awarded first prize at Young Jazz Singers Competition Brussels. In August 2007 he was a winner of Crest Jazz Vocal competition in southern France.[2]


  • 2000 - Reinkarnasja (Not Two)
  • 2004 - Sny-Dreams (Ninth Floor Production)
  • 2006 - Ballads for the End of the World (Ninth Floor Production)
  • 2011 - KARNAS (Hevhetia 2011)


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