Guantánamo (baseball)

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Guantánamo Indios
Guantánamo Indios (emblem).png
League Cuban National Series (Group D)
Location Guantánamo
Ballpark Nguyen Van Troi Stadium
Year founded 1977-78
Nickname(s) Indios (Indians)
League championships None
2005-06 34-56 (3rd, Group D)
Did not qualify for playoffs
Manager Rolando Quebrún Pérez



Guantánamo is a baseball team in the Cuban National Series. Based in the easternmost Cuban province of Guantánamo, the Indios have had uneven results, though they advanced to the playoffs in three straight years from 1997 to 1999.

Current roster[edit]

  • Catchers: Roberto Borrero, Yusdet Romero, Luis Rivera
  • Infielders: Yoenni Southeran, Yoilán Cerce, Islam Martinez, Alexis Laborde, Alberto Sánchez, Vismay Santos, Andrés de la Cruz, Enoyder Fondín, Kenen Bally
  • Outfielders: Roberquis Videaux, Giorvis Duvergel, Reinier Furet, Onelio Fondín,
  • Pitchers: Alexander Rodríguez, Yudiel Téllez, Leyán Lores, Idel Matos, Eglis Leliebre, Daller Hinojosa, Frank Navarro, Rudier Peña, Loavis Perán, Yarlis Marcos, Yoelkis Vera, Yandri Lestapier, Alexander Digurnay

Notable players[edit]