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After restoration, in August 2011
Before restoration, in June 2009

The Guaranteed Pure Milk bottle is a landmark water tower in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, located at 1025 Lucien L'Allier Street (previously rue de l'Aqueduc).[1] The 6 tonnes (13,000 lb), 10-metre (33 ft)-high Art Deco structure was designed in 1930 by architects Hutchison, Wood & Miller as advertising for the Guaranteed Pure Milk Company.[2] The building on which it stands and former headquarters of the Guaranteed Pure Milk Company[3] is visible in the movie "Red 2" as the exterior of the "Yankee White Facility", although the water tower itself is not.

The giant riveted steel quart of milk was built by Dominion Bridge Company of Lachine. It has a 250,000-litre (66,000 US gal; 55,000 imp gal) capacity.[4][5]

In 2009, it was restored after years of disrepair, thanks to the efforts of volunteers, $100,000 in private donations, and lobbying by Heritage Montreal.[2][5]

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