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Guardian Analytics
Founded 2005
Headquarters Mountain View, California, U.S.
Key people
  • Laurent Pacalin, CEO
  • Hue Harguindeguy, CFO
  • Avner Amram, VP, Customer Services and Cloud Operations
  • Stephen Walsh, VP, Global Sales
  • Luis Rojas, VP, Products
  • Massy Najafi, VP, Analytics
  • Online Banking Security
  • Real-time Payment Fraud Protection

Guardian Analytics is an American privately held company headquartered in Mountain View, California and is the pioneer and leading provider of behavioral analytics and machine learning solutions for preventing banking fraud. More than 400 financial institutions have standardized on Guardian Analytics’ innovative solutions to mitigate fraud risk and rely on the company to stop the sophisticated criminal attacks targeting retail and commercial banking clients. With Guardian Analytics, financial institutions build trust, increase competitiveness, improve their customer experience and scale operations.[1] It was established in 2005[2] and its products are based on anomaly detection to monitor financial transactions.[3]

In 2012, Guardian Analytics together with McAfee dissected the US$78 million cyber attack titled Operation High Roller.[4] In 2013 Guardian Analytics was listed among the Top 10 Influencers in banking information security.[5] As of September 2016, nearly 430 financial institutions are using Guardian Analytics products to mitigate fraud risk and rely on the company to stop sophisticated criminal attacks.

Guardian Analytics Product Suite[edit]

Guardian Analytics offers a full suite of fraud prevention solutions for financial institutions. The general architecture includes two main components. The first component, the risk engine, merges analytics and behavior-based models of a user to create a probabilistic profile of each individual. By recognizing anomalous behavior, it is possible to identify fraudulent activity before loss occurs. The risk engine dynamically adapts to user behavior to be able to detect new fraud attacks. The second component is Visual Analytics, a data browser used by financial institutions to monitor, investigate, and resolve potential fraud by accessing collected data. This visual interface shows risk scores and the underlying contextual information to facilitate analysis and investigation.[6]

Guardian Analytics is able to detect fraudulent activities such as account takeover, account reconnaissance and fraudulent wire, ACH, and bill pay transactions. Guardian Analytics is not specific to the type of threat and can protect against cyber attacks such as phishing, vishing and Man in the Browser. The software is transparent to account holders and does not require any action on their side.[7]

Guardian Analytics markets several solutions, targeting particular types of financial interactions:

  • Guardian Analytics Online[8] (for retail [9] and business [10])
  • Guardian Analytics Mobile [11]
  • Guardian Analytics ACH (for ODFIs & RDFIs) [12]
  • Guardian Analytics ACH Real-time (for ODFIs & RDFIs)
  • Guardian Analytics Wire[13]
  • Guardian Analytics Wire Real-time
  • Guardian Analytics Access[14]

Guardian Analytics is marketed as software as a service and can be deployed in the company's SAS 70 Type II certified environment.[15]


FraudDESK is a fraud monitoring managed service. Upon subscription to FraudDESK, a Guardian Analytics fraud analyst—using the Guardian Analytics solution customized for that institution—will monitor risk of sessions and report to the bank when there is a critical issue. The product helps institutions meet the FFIEC authentication and Internet banking guidelines for online banking security.[16]

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