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Cinta Laura
Studio album by Cinta Laura
Released January 2010
Recorded July–December 2009[1]
Genre Pop, dance-pop, electropop, R&B,[2] hip hop
Length 40:04
Language Indonesian, English
Label Sony Music Indonesia
Producer Jan Djuhana, Toto Widjojo, DJ Sumantri, Herdiana Kiehl
Cinta Laura chronology
Cinta Laura
Hollywood Dreams
Singles from Cinta Laura
  1. "Cinta Atau Uang"
    Released: December 2009
  2. "Shoot Me"
    Released: May 2010
  3. "Guardian Angel"
    Released: August 2010

Cinta Laura is the first studio album by the German-born singer, Cinta Laura. The album was released on February 27, 2010 throughout Indonesia, produced by Jan Djuhana and labeled Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia. In this album, he brings the kind of dance-pop and electropop song. In all album sales in Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam, she was awarded 13 × platinum. The first single from this album "Cinta Atau Uang", released in December 2009. In this album, contains ten tracks which also included songs that had already been released as a soundtrack a movie or television series. In marketing this album, Cinta Laura and the record label working with KFC that this album will be circulated in all KFC stores in Indonesia. The album was nominated for "Best Pop Album of Solo" awards SCTV Music Awards 2011.


Cinta Laura is the debut album by Cinta Laura, named after herself and was released in February, originally scheduled the album was released on January 23, 2010, but due to no contact Cinta Laura to work "Icon Dance Off Asia",[3] however because there is contact to work "Icon Dance Off Asia", then release this album postponed until February 27, 2010.[4] On this album, she brings the kind of electropop song like a songs sung by the American singer, Lady Gaga.[2] Her first album release contains 10 songs that 7 of them are new songs, rhythmic dance in accordance with a young child. Not only contains a homage electropop song, Laura also serves other musical genres in his work. Like Indo pop song and blues music.[5]

Her desire to do the job one by one as well which makes it just released her album in February 2010, after a few times a duet with popular Indonesian singer, such as Ahmad Dhani, Duo Maia, and Afgan. She revealed in the making of this album takes about six months, from July to December 2009.[6]

Singles and songs[edit]

Starting with the song "Cinta Atau Uang" are her electropop type music and of course able to be accepted by the wide as her first single. The song was awarded Indonesian Music Award 2011, category "Best Dance/Electronic Dance Production".[7] In May 2011, Cinta Laura released "Shoot Me" as the second single and music video inspired by the character Lara Croft that back nuances of dance-pop and able make the audience stomped.[8] Laura also showed his ability to sing sweet songs like "Cape Hati" and "Guardian Angel" of the opposite pop-blues music.[5]

Songs in this album is also much used as a soundtrack song or theme song on Indonesian television. The song "Oh Baby" is the debut of her first single which is also in the soundtrack of the movie Oh Baby, the soundtrack Ost. Oh Baby there is also a song titled "We Can Do It".[9] In the same year he also recorded a song entitled "You Say Aku" for the soundtrack of the television series, Upik Abu and Laura.[10] Her hits song in 2010, entitled "Cinta Atau Uang" was also the theme song from the second movie that starred, Seleb Kota Jogja (SKJ). This song was nominated in the category of "Favorite Theme Song" awards FTV Awards 2011,[11] As well as a serial drama backsound of FTV on SCTV, with other songs that became the theme song is "Guardian Angel".[12][13]

Promotion, live performance, and certification[edit]

Sony Music as the party label claimed to work with KFC in marketing this album. After less than 2 weeks the album had sold up to 100,000 CDs, and Laura was awarded "Platinum Award". This Cinta Laura album is that special packaging, as any packaging in which there is a mini magazine called "Cinta Magazine". Mini magazine in cooperation with the teen magazine featuring all things about Cinta Laura, so that fans can get to know her personality.[14]

Cinta Laura performed the song "Cinta Atau Uang" in the Indonesia's Got Talent final on July 17, 2010.[15] He also performed this song in awards SCTV Music Awards 2011 that the album was also nominated for "Best Pop Album of Solo".[16] Not only shown in the singles main musical events, it also shows the other songs in this album such as "Guardian Angel", "Shoot Me", "Kebebasan", "You Say Aku", "Oh Baby", "We Can Do It" in the event music broadcast on television such as Inbox and Dahsyat.[17][18][19]

After six months of the release, Cinta Kaura blessed 11× Platinum,[20] physical sales eventually reached nine hundred thousand copies.[21] In addition to the sales achieved fantastic, Cinta's album is also used for the dance competition program entitled KFC Ayo Ngedance Bareng Cinta Laura which is also to promote the album and the singles.[22] Following sold one million copies cds studio album marketed through KFC store, Laura gets certified 12× Platinum.[23]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Cinta Atau Uang" Alam Urbach 3:14
2. "Cape Hati" Dewiq 4:31
3. "Shoot Me" Novi M. Umar 3:16
4. "Ya Iya Lah" ? 4:18
5. "You Say Aku" Novi M. Umar 4:11
6. "Kebebasan" Singiku 4:01
7. "We Can Do It" Novi M. Umar, Teguh D. 3:32
8. "Oh Baby" Syfha Ramadhan 4:28
9. "Guardian Angel" Ade, Jeje 4:34
10. "Let Me Go" ? 3:34

Release history[edit]

Region Date Format(s) Label
Jakarta[24] January 1, 2010 CD, digital download Sony Music Indonesia
Indonesia[4] February 27, 2010
Jogjakarta March 1, 2010 RCA Records, Sony Music Entertainment
Malaysia[25] March 2, 2010 Sony Music Malaysia


Region Certification Certified units/Sales
Indonesia[26] 12× Platinum 1,000,000*
Worldwide 1,000,000

*sales figures based on certification alone
^shipments figures based on certification alone


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