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Guayaquil Sport
Full name Guayaquil Sport Club
Founded April 23, 1899

Guayaquil Sport Club was an Ecuadorian football club based in Guayaquil. It was the first football club in the country, has founded on April 23, 1899[1] by Juan Wright and Roberto Wright, the two brothers who brought the sport to the country.

The club's only title came in the amateur era of Guayaquil football, when it won the regional league in 1943. It also played one season the top-flight Serie A in 1973,[2] where it finished 12th. The club ceased operation in 1990 after 91 years of existence and has refounded on February 5, 2014.


Campeonato Amateur del Guayas

  • Champion (1): 1943[3]


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