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Entrance to Guilderland High School

The Guilderland Central School District serves approximately 5,700 students and encompasses most of the Town of Guilderland and part of the town of Bethlehem in Albany County, of New York’s Capital District.

There are five elementary schools — Altamont- constructed in 1953, Guilderland- constructed in 1955, Lynnwood- constructed in 1968, Pine Bush- constructed in 1994, and Westmere- constructed in 1953 — Farnsworth Middle School- constructed in 1968 and the Guilderland High School- constructed in 1953.

The Pine Bush Elementary School on Carman Road, Route 146, opened in September 1994. It was approved by the community because of the district’s growing enrollment. It is now the newest school in the district. In 1999, a major expansion and renovation project, supported by a $24 million bond issue, was completed at Guilderland High School. In October 2001, voters approved the expansion and renovation of Farnsworth Middle School—a $19.7 million project which was completed in September 2005. This project included a fourth gym and the entire Seneca House.

Guilderland’s elementary school program develops students’ confidence in themselves as learners, instills a love of learning and a desire to learn and develops the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed for students to communicate effectively, understand the world about them and participate effectively in a democratic society.

At Alton U. Farnsworth Middle School( previous "middle school" was part of the current Guilderland High School priar to 1968), students build on this foundation as they continue their educational growth. All students enroll in a second language (French, Italian, German or Spanish) in sixth grade and may enroll in Regents-level math and science courses in eighth grade. Middle School students develop the competence and confidence necessary to explore and refine their individual interests. Students are currently organized into four "houses" - Hiawatha, Seneca, Mowhawk, and Tawasentha - and in grade level teams within each house.

Guilderland High School provides a comprehensive and challenging program that ensures that students will be successful in advanced educational studies, the work force or other post-graduate plans, while many taxpayers and school counselors have expressed concern that the school is eliminating many of the advanced courses that placed it once at very high prestige. High School and college level courses provide students with many opportunities to develop and hone their skills, attitudes, and knowledge. Students may strive to obtain a major in any of the academic areas, elective disciplines such as art or music, or in occupational studies. They may earn AP and/or college credit in several educational fields.

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