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Brigadier General Gul Aqa Nahib (also, "Nahibi", "Naebi", or simply "Gul Aqa") of the Afghan National Army served as second-in-command to transitional Defence Minister Mohammed Fahim in 2002[1] and is currently in charge of 12,000 troops overseeing operations in Kandahar.[2]

He joined the army in 1965[3]

His formal position is as commander of the Afghan 205th Corps, based out of Kandahar Airport,[4] and he is in charge of operations for Southern Afghanistan.

During the 1980s war he fought against the mujahedin in areas like Herat (1981–82) and Khaust (1990–91). Jalaluddin Haqqani arrested him when Khaust fell during April 1991.[5] He served as the army's commissar or political affairs officer till 1982, when Yasin Sadiqi replaced him.[6]

On September 9, 2007, he reported that insurgent forces were no longer able to beat ANA troops in combat.[4]

He speaks Dari, in addition to his native Pashto[7] and supports the idea of conscription.[1]


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