Golfo Dulce, Costa Rica

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Coordinates: 8°35′N 83°16′W / 8.583°N 83.267°W / 8.583; -83.267

Golfo Dulce, Costa Rica
Satellite image
Golfo Dulce seen from space
Golfo Dulce, Costa Rica is located in Costa Rica
Golfo Dulce, Costa Rica
Golfo Dulce, Costa Rica
Location in Costa Rica
Coordinates 8°35′00″N 83°16′00″W / 8.58333°N 83.26667°W / 8.58333; -83.26667

Golfo Dulce (English: Sweet Gulf) is a gulf in Costa Rica, located at the South of the Province of Puntarenas. The inlet starts on the Pacific Ocean side of Costa Rica and extends slightly northward before turning west. The most westward part is at the city of Rincon. The bay separates the Osa Peninsula from the mainland Costa Rica.[1]

Protected areas[edit]

In the northeast part of the gulf is the Piedras Blancas National Park (former Corcovado National Park extension), with its 14,000 hectares (35,000 acres) of protected rainforest as well as an important marine area to protect the needle-fish. There are a few lodging facilities surrounded by the park, but they are all accessible only by boat.

Translation of the name[edit]

In some English literature, this geographical feature is sometimes known as "Gulf of Dulce",[2] which is a mistranslation, as the correct translation would be "Sweet Gulf", and this name in turn, is not used locally or internationally, the correct name stands in all languages as "Golfo Dulce".


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