Gulf of Varna

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Gulf of Varna
Cape Galata.jpg
Cape Galata, View of the Gulf of Varna
LocationBlack Sea
CoordinatesCoordinates: 43°12′N 27°56′E / 43.200°N 27.933°E / 43.200; 27.933
Ocean/sea sourcesAtlantic Ocean
Basin countriesBulgaria
Max. length3 km (1.9 mi)
Max. width8 km (5.0 mi)
Average depth10–18 m (33–59 ft)
Salinity17 ‰

The Gulf of Varna (Bulgarian: Варненски залив, Varnenski zaliv) is a gulf on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The length of the gulf is 3 kilometres (1.9 mi). Its maximum width is 8 kilometres (5.0 mi), and its depth ranges from 10 to 18 metres (33 to 59 ft). The Port of Varna and the major city of Varna are located on the gulf.


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