Gunjwani Dam

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Gunjwani Dam
Gunjwani Dam is located in Maharashtra
Gunjwani Dam
Location of Gunjwani Dam in Maharashtra
Official name Gunjwani Dam
Location Velhe
Coordinates 18°18′05″N 73°37′10″E / 18.3014285°N 73.6194598°E / 18.3014285; 73.6194598Coordinates: 18°18′05″N 73°37′10″E / 18.3014285°N 73.6194598°E / 18.3014285; 73.6194598
Opening date 2000
Owner(s) Government of Maharashtra, India
Dam and spillways
Type of dam Earthfill
Impounds Kanand river
Height 52.82 m (173.3 ft)
Length 1,730 m (5,680 ft)
Dam volume 6,871 km3 (1,648 cu mi)
Total capacity 104,480 km3 (25,070 cu mi)
Surface area 6,410 km2 (2,470 sq mi)

Gunjwani Dam, is an earthfill and gravity dam on Kanand river near Velhe, Pune district in state of Maharashtra in India.


The height of the dam above lowest foundation is 52.82 m (173.3 ft) while the length is 1,730 m (5,680 ft). The volume content is 6,871 km3 (1,648 cu mi) and gross storage capacity is 104,690.00 km3 (25,116.47 cu mi).[1]


  • Irrigation

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