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Gunner, the Gunner, Gunners or the Gunners may refer to:



Name or nickname[edit]

  • Gunner (name), a list of people with the nickname, given name or surname
  • Gunner (wrestler), professional wrestler Chad Lail (born 1982)
  • Gunner, a nickname used by rapper Machine Gun Kelly (rapper)
  • Gunner Scott, ring name of retired professional wrestler Brent Albright (born 1978)
  • Thomas Bland Strange (1831-1925), known as "Gunner Jingo", British major general, father of the Canadian artillery and one of the initial organizers of the Canadian army

Slang term or descriptive name[edit]


Rank or role[edit]

  • Gunner (artillery), member of the crew operating a crew-served weapon, such as an artillery piece
  • Gunner (rank), rank equivalent to private in a British Commonwealth artillery corps
  • Gunner, gunnery Warrant Officer of the British Royal Navy or Royal Marines
  • Gunner, in armored, reconnaissance or mechanized units, a soldier who occupies a dedicated gun position in a military vehicle
  • Gunner, in infantry platoons, a specialist trained in using machine guns or automatic rifles
  • Air gunner, or aerial gunner, a member of an aircrew who operates a machine gun or auto-cannon
  • Infantry weapons officer, commonly referred to as "The Gunner", a non-technical Chief Warrant Officer in the United States Marine Corps


  • Fairchild AT-21 Gunner, an American World War II specialized bomber crew trainer
  • Gunner (dog), a dog noted for his ability to hear Japanese air raids approaching Darwin, Australia, in the Second World War
  • The Gunners, a nickname for the British Royal Artillery




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