Guo Qiru

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Guo Qiru
Born (1900-04-12)12 April 1900
Beijing, Qing Dynasty, China
Died 24 April 1969(1969-04-24) (aged 69)
Beijing, China
Nationality Chinese
Citizenship Chinese
Occupation xiangsheng performer
Years active 1925–1969

Guo Qiru(simplified Chinese: 郭启儒; traditional Chinese: 郭啟儒; pinyin: Guō Qǐrú) was a Chinese xiangsheng performer.[1]


On 12 April 1900, Guo was born in Beijing, to a poor family. He belonged to the Manchu ethnic group. He was educated in an old-style private school for about 6 years. In 1923, Guo joined Hongkuishe (鸿奎社). He started to learn the arts of traditional Chinese opera. In 1925, he studied under Liu Dezhi (刘德智) and became a fifth-generation xiangsheng performer. In 1940, he performed xiangsheng with Hou Baolin and became widely known. In 1951, Guo and Hou Baolin gave a gratitude performance at the front of the Korean War. In 1954, Guo and Hou Baolin gave a gratitude performance in Tibet.[2]


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