Guru Sishyulu

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Guru Sishyulu
Guru Sishyulu.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed byS. P. Muthuraman
Produced byM. Purna Prakash
S. Sambasiva Rao
Written byGanesh Patro (dialogues)
Screenplay byPanju Arunachalam
Story byM. D. Sundar
Based onInsaf Ki Pukar (1987)
StarringKrishnam Raju
Rajendra Prasad
Music byIlaiyaraaja
CinematographyT. S. Vinayakam
Edited byR. Vital
S. B. Mohan
Srilatha Art Productions
Release date
  • 1990 (1990)
Running time
145 mins

Guru Sishyulu (transl. Teacher-Student) is a 1990 Telugu-language action comedy film produced by M. Purna Prakash and S. Sambasiva Rao under the Srilatha Art Productions banner and directed by S. P. Muthuraman. It stars Krishnam Raju, Rajendra Prasad, Sumalatha and Kushboo in the lead roles, with music composed by Ilaiyaraaja.[1] The film is a remake of the Tamil movie Guru Sishyan (1988), which itself was a remake of the Hindi film Insaf Ki Pukar (1987). The film did not work out at the box-office.[2][3]


The film begins at Central Jail where two petty thieves Raja (Krishnam Raju) & Babu (Rajendra Prasad) are under guilty. Therein, they are acquainted with an innocent guy, Manohar (Maharshi Raghava), who is destined to the death sentence. He wants to meet Raja & Babu as his last wish and narrates his story. Once, his sister Sumathi (Sudha) is kidnapped by a Taxi driver and molested & slaughtered by a malicious Muddu Krishna (Sudhakar) younger brother of a millionaire Raja Shekaram (Rama Krishna). Manohar filed up the case when Inspector Paramasivam (Kota Srinivasa Rao) abettor of blackguards manipulated. Thereupon, Jairam (Gollapudi Maruthi Rao) partner of Raja Shekaram intrigued and indicted him in the crime of killing the taxi driver. Right now, Raja & Babu decide to rescue Manohar and holds over the judgment by breaking his hand. Soon after, they start up their trials, initially, they confine Paramasivam with his help Raja joins as a bodyguard for Muddu Krishna. Parallelly, Babu traps Chitra (Kushboo) daughter of Raja Shekaram into his love. In the meantime, Raja falls for Geeta (Sumalatha) daughter of Paramasivam. Just after, they detect that Manohar's parents are under the custody of Raja Shekaram & Jairam as Manohar's father Narayana Rao (Hema Sundar) is aware of a hidden treasure. So, they protect them when Raja recognizes them as his parents too. Here as a flabbergast, Babu identifies Narayana Rao as a homicide of his parents when a clash arises between Raja & Babu which calms down after learning the truth. Indeed, the real culprit is Raja Shekaram who killed Babu's parents in the veil of Narayana Rao. At last, Raja & Babu ceases the baddies, safeguard the treasure and proves Manohar as guiltless. Finally, the movie ends a happy note with the marriages of Raja & Geetha and Babu & Chitra.



Guru Sishyulu
Film score by
LabelEcho Audio
Ilaiyaraaja chronology
Guru Sishyulu
Michael Madana Kama Raju

Music was composed by Ilaiyaraaja. Lyrics were written by Acharya Aatreya. Music released on Echo Audio Company.[4][5]

1."Dorikavu Dorikavu"SP Balu4:22
2."Jingidi Jingidi Beauty"SP Balu, Chitra4:15
3."Edo Nippu"SP Balu,Chitra4:13
4."Kurchi Kosam Kusti"SP Balu4:36
5."Mattuga Chittuga"Chitra4:18


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